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The 3rd Oriental Design Forum Calling for Papers

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2017 “Belt and Road” Oriental Design International Symposium
Theme: Building Cultural Bridges

A.    Background and Aim:
“Oriental Design Forum” is initiated by School of Media & Design and International Center for Innovative Design of SJTU. World renowned designers and scholars domestic and foreign gathered together and discuss the theory of design discipline. The forum aims to create a design platform with academic competitiveness and social influence worldwide. The 1st and 2nd Oriental Forum has been held successfully in Shanghai Jiaotong University in November 2015 and April 2016.
With the constant progress of social technology, the design industry has made rapid development in recent years. To realize the transformation to Made in China, the design discipline has been catapulted to an unprecedented level of importance nowadays. In western countries, design has already developed into a relatively mature discipline, while in China it is still at its early stage.
Eastern design philosophy is a systematic pattern based on traditional eastern culture. In order to address theoretical and practical problems in the design field, every design scholar needs to consider how to maintain the traditional culture as well as present the individual identity. Till now many scholars have studied the integration of eastern culture and design discipline but most of their research results still remain preliminary, fragmentary and lack of systematization. The 2016 International Symposium on Eastern Culture and Design Philosophy is an important part of the 2nd Oriental Design Forum.
As a national strategy initiated by high level authority of China, “Belt and Road” has profound strategic meaning in terms of modernization and peaceful development of the countries along the “Silk Road”. The key for the cooperation includes policy communication is innovation and design.
International Center for Innovative Design of SJTU is a key construction project of the first batch of national dual creation demonstration base. Innovative Design has been acclaimed by SJTU as world top class discipline construction plan and among which “Oriental Design Discipline” is of great significance in carrying forward, promoting mutual learning between Eastern and Western civilization and facilitating cultural and industrial innovation exchange among countries along the “Silk Road”.
Hereby we initiate 2017 “Belt and Road” Oriental Design International Symposium centering on the topic of Building Cultural Bridges, which aims to actively respond to “Belt and Road” initiative, establish a cross-cultural exchange bridge through innovative thinking and promote new progress for international cultural exchange environment featuring openness and inclusiveness.
B.     Organizing Committee of the Forum
2017 Belt & Road and Oriental Design International Symposium, which is approved by the Ministry of Education of the PRC and jointly hosted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University 
and International Society for Design Science, People’s Government of Minhang District and co-organized by International Center for Innovative Design and International 
Cooperation and Exchange Department of SJTU.
This forum will be held in Shanghai Jiao Tong University on October October 20-22, 2017. Experts, scholars, researchers, entrepreneurs in the field of art and design will gather 
together to explore the innovative theory on cross culture design and establish oriental design discipline system and accumulate resourses. Meanwhile, this forum will promote 
the construction of the design capital-Shanghai. This forum will choose excellent thesis and publish a collection of thesis-Building Culture Bridges: Belt and Road·Oriental Design 
combined with the excellent thesis in the 2nd Oriental Design Forum. 
Here we issue the notice of collecting thesis facing scholars home and abroad, researchers in field of design, teachers in universities and colleges, doctors and post-graduates. 
Welcome to join and submit your thesis.

C.     Theme of the Forum

“Building Cultural Bridges: Belt and Road-Oriental Design” is the theme of this forum. Centering on this topic, the following topics can be chosen freely:

1.     Oriental Design Concept System;
2.     Contemporary Design Cutting Edge Issues;
3.     Design History and Research of Design Works;
4.     Designers and Design Education;
5.     Cross-culture Design Comparison;
6.     Confucianism , Buddhism and Taoism and Oriental Design;
7.     Urban Overall Design;
8.     Special Town and Region Revitalization Design;
9.     Human Living Environment Design
10.   Flower Language of Silk Road: Flower Culture on Belt and Road

D.    Requirements of Paper

a.     Requirements of Content
Applying paper should fit the theme of the conference, with theoretical and practical significance, clear view, informative and apply with document cited norms. The paper 
shall not be published academic papers. Organizing Committee will organize experts and scholars to select the essay (submission experts are not included in the scope 
of the final assessment judges), selected papers will receive the invitation to the forum. Selected papers will be collected in the collection of thesis and the organizing 
committee will present the collection to the authors of the outstanding papers and issued with the certificate.

b.     Format and Submission
Ø Within 5000 to 15000 characters, the title can be chosen freely and Chinese and English abstracts, keywords and references shall be provided.
Ø The paper uses the Word electronic document, the page unifies according to the A4 paper type layout, the paper form specific request please refer to the attachment explanation. And send it to the Secretariat by e-mail, please keep the manuscript.
Ø Please fill in the title accordingly as "2017 Oriental Design Forum essay submission + author name + work unit" to fill; each author in the name of the first author and with limitation of no more than two articles.
Ø At the end of the paper, please indicate the author's name, work unit, job title, communication (contact address, zip code, mobile phone, fax and e-mail) and other information in order to communicate and send the collection of papers.
Ø The author should ensure that the paper is original, not published in public or domestic publications and not published or read in conferences; the paper is not confidential and with no plagiarism. The author is responsible for the consequences of this article .

c.      Submission:
Please send it to orientdesign@163.com
(Note: confirmation on receiving the email is the indispensable )

d.     Deadline:
October 10, 2017

e.     Contact:
Zhou Yuxi  18721609801
Pang Yu    18818273108
Phone: 021-32556989 021-34207694
Email: orientdesign@163.com
Add: International Center for Innovative Design of SJTU
No. 800, Dongchunlu, Minhang District, Shanghai. School of Media & Design of SJTU
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The 3rd Oriental Design Forum
Organizing Committee of 2017 Belt and Road Oriental Design International Symposium
July 28, 2017